Wednesday, June 9, 2010

friend with wordswithfriends

Dear wordswithfriends,

I love you. Thanks for making my workday go by that much quicker.


I love my iPhone for many reasons... one of the biggest - wordswithfriends... It's addicting, fun, competitive, someone is ALWAYS out there to play with you AND I feel like I'm actually using my brain and getting a mental workout [like with crosswords or sudoku].

In other news... I've been playing with some people who have some really interesting names lately -- "Deeznuts," "Punchmeinthenose," and my personal favorite -- "Shithead00"

I'm also really sad to say... I got beat by "Deeznuts" - something I never thought I'd ever say. Wow.

Clearly, much more creative than me. [First Name+Birthday=Username.... wow, I exherted myself on that one]

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