Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday... Graduation 2000!

A lot of the blogs I enjoy do "Flashback Friday" so I thought it would be great way for me to reflect and share parts of my past which have made me who I am... and how appropriate to start this Friday... this weekend is my 10 year high school reunion! We're not going seeing... it's just too far and not in the budget [and DJ refuses=antisocial]. 

I still can't believe it... Monday [June 14th] will be the 10 year anniversary of DJ and I graduating high school! It's unreal to think how quickly these ten years have flown by...

DJ and I often talk about high school and the amount we learned and developed during that time. We were both bussed into a school around half an hour from where we lived to be in the International Baccalaureate program at BAHS. I truly feel I was more challenged academically in high school than I was in college [DJ agrees].  The best part was, I was not only challenged by my professors but also my peers. It was really cool [for lack of a better word] to be surrounded by really intelligent people... I'm still shocked and awed by what my high school peers are accomplishing now. So smart. So talented. Just great people.

Senior year was the beginning of DJ and I too... I joke that this month is not only our 5 month anniversary of being married, 6 month anniversary of being together, but really in all reality our 10 year anniversary of falling in love. I think of senior year of high school as our year... I think it was the first time we really saw each other [we had been strictly platonic friends the first three years of high school and didn't give each other a second thought other than as really really good friends].

So here are some pics from our last week of high school -- 

First, the only picture of our high school graduation that I have scanned... AND I'm wearing stripper shoes [and showing a lot of leg], awesome. Why didn't someone stop me? 

 And because I know you want a close up of us... here we are... so darling and young --
Just in case you were wondering, as I have previously professed my love for blowouts [see post here] yes I did get my hair blown out for high school graduation... if only it always looked that nice - thank you staff of the Yellow Strawberry.

Here's a pic of us at our IB Senior Photo... sitting on the steps waiting for the pic to be taken of the big  group --
DJ is going through his spiky bleached blond hair 'NSYNC phase here... 
and YES those are addidas track pants I'm wearing, so cool.

Lastly, here's a pic of us at our IB senior banquet... if only we knew then what we now know... and if only my arms were still that skinny [never again, I have accepted this]

we're pretty cute if I do say so myself.... crazy to think it's been 10 years since those pictures were taken. good stuff. happy "ten year anniversary" Boyd Anderson Class of 2000!

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