Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Natalie Portman....

Dear Natalie Portman,
I'm pretty sure you want to be best friends with me. We have a lot in common... I didn't go to Harvard but I do like sarcasm, potty humor, and Obama. I also like vegetarians [I'm not one, but I like them - good for you!]. Another thing we have in common is I LOVE dogs too [if people wanted to interview me I would bring Oliver with me for sure]
See, don't we have a lot in common?
Don't you love me already?
I swear you will.

Seriously. I love Natalie Portman. I feel like she's one of the many celebrities that I could definitely be friends with. [Amanda Bynes, Charles Barkley... don't be jealous your letters are coming soon!]

Natalie Portman's Funniest Moments on the Late Show with David Letterman

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Natalie Portman

Inside the Actor's Studio: Natalie's Favorite Curseword:

This last one is my favorite Natalie Portman Video... seriously, I love that she can make fun or herself and put herself out there like this - it's one of the digital shorts from SNL but it is definitely the UNCENSORED version... **WARNING--it is pretty profane and by pretty, I mean REALLY... I like it but that doesn't mean you will... I like potty humor, if you don't... don't even click it.

How can you not love her?


Bo said...

Those videos were awesome :D I love her as an actress and she seems fun :) She is amazing. I love her in the movie Brothers! It was so good, she did really well.

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