Wednesday, June 23, 2010

holy new guilty pleasure batman--you're cut off!

I will be the first to admit I have AMAZING [ok terrible] taste in TV... the trashier the reality TV show, the more likely that I'll want to watch it [Tila Tequila, Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, Tool Academy... just plain terribly amazing].

So, we don't have cable [I hate you DJ] and honestly I hardly ever notice it [other than when reading my friends facebook statuses] and we have our TV hooked up to DJ's old Dell so we can watch hulu on it but all we really watch is Modern Family [aka BEST show EVER]...go watch it NOW if you dont already!

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well... now my world has just been turned upside down - and I must admit... I miss TV now...
[just a little]

and lets be honest we WILL have cable when college football season rolls around [I wonder if we can get the SEC channel in MA?]

BTW ONLY 71 days til kickoff in William's Brice.... aaah I can just hear 2001 playing right now...

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whoops, sorry got distracted there...

back to the real reason for this post... You're Cut Off 

I came across this lovely gem of a TV show while running at the gym yesterday [I know you're proud, I'm proud of myself too]

VH1 has outdone themselves.... "being rich rehab" for nine spoiled princesses... they have been CUT-OFF and now have to suffer through reality TV hell. It's freaking classic. I love it.

I knew when I saw the bleached blonde big boobed Erica sitting on the floor in her "JAP and Proud" hot pink tank top talking about the difference between "old money and new money" we had a winner.... yes. I'm hooked. They only have one episode online right now [?!] so I'll have to figure out a way to time my runs around when it's playing... yes I'm that pathetic. Also, I think Jacqueline is going to win it all - she's sweet under that rich bitch spoiled exterior. We could be friends.... but only if she lends me her Chanel bag [she got her first one at age 5.... MOM?! wtf where is my Chanel bag?!]

You can watch episode two here.... which is exactly what I did at work today [thank God for dual monitors]!

Come on, I can picture it now, laying on the couch in PJs, Sunday afternoon hangover... what would be better than a You're Cut Off Marathon.... aaahh I can taste it now.

There's my I miss trashy-TV rant... go on judge me, it's okay, I judge myself.


Nikki said...

LOVE Modern Family. Best show ever really! I'll have to check out Nine Spoiled Princesses. Sounds more like my Husband's taste though. He loves the desperate housewives.

Sam Harvey said...

thank you for entering the sam harvey giveaway. a winner has been chosen already but i would like to extend a discount on the jadite bag from $90.00 to $75.00. thanks for saying such great things about sam harvey in front of the peeps!

Melissa said...

I just LOVE modern family! I'm even excited about the re-runs over the summer.

Yellow House said...

Modern Family is a great show! I am glad you found it!

Christina said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! I love toddlers and tiaras on TLC. It's so bad it's good. Also even though I have never watched it before the bachelorette. Some of those guys creep me out. I feel bad for that girl.

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