Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Photo Challenge

 This week's "In a Yellow House" Photo Challenge is about SUMMER... I almost entered one of the many beach/ocean/pier/toes in the sand shots I have... but having lived on a coast for most of my life the beach isn't summer to me, it's just a way of life. 

When I think of summer instantly what comes to mind is the fourth of July - and one of my favorite things to do is watch fireworks (anytime of year, but especially on the 4th). These pictures were taken a few summers back of a fireworks show over the Cape Fear River...

My entry:

...and just for fun -- some more!


beingzaraandzidan said...

wow those are great shots & different.
I have joined in too
Plz do visit

Melissa said...

Amazing! Amazing, amazing!

Emmy said...

How fun! Yes 4th of July and summer definitely go together :)

Melissa said...

Wow, very cool photos!

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