Monday, June 14, 2010

jack blackin'

Dear Sephora,
I love you.

I love - living in the sticks is great minus the shopping, but thank God for the internet... has become my best friend since my move to the mountains. My recent amazing purchase -- Jack Black All-Over Wash [for DJ] - it's perfect for my hippie [parabens and sulfate free] and it's an ALL in ONE product - face, body, and hair!

So for my low-maintenace man, it takes great care of him in a simple quick way. I got him a Jack Black Travel Pack for Christmas and he loved it [great gift for any guy in your life] so I decided that this was the way to go for getting him to take better care of himself. He loves the 33 oz size with a pump too because its super convienent and will last for awhile! I also love it because now there's more room for my 100 products in the shower... I'm not buying more shampoo/conditioner/body wash until I use up all that I have now [which should last me awhile!]. 100% recommend, all the way!

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